Friday, October 28, 2011

17th November, 2011 Pune


           After 5 months of idleness and little bit of frustration  after my graduation in the end I got my joining date. It is 17th Nov, 2011 @ Pune . Very much happy! because in the end I got it. I was sure that it will come as the offer was from Cognizant but who summaries to our parents. Whatever I am happy now. happy because it is not Kolkata. I simply don't like Kolkata. Don't know why but may be it is for politics. Again I get a chance to live in flat or PG. If it is in Kolkata then I have to live in my own house . Moreover I want to miss my parents. For the last 22 years I live with them. I love them so much but sometimes it is important to maintain distance to know the importance of your love ones. Though Pune is costly & I am a little bit over expensive but it will give me a chance to control my expenses & save money for future.

             I am hardworking & love to to do work. Hope in Cognizant I have a great future ahead. Though my ultimate dream is to become CEO of my own Company.

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Abhishek said...

Good one! Get transferred from Pune and come to Gurgaon. It'll be double the fun